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10th July 2012: much to my surprise, actually finished this year's BB fic :O :D

3rd January 2012 - signed up for Case Story Big Bang again, this year I'm writing the prequel to 'The Curious Case of the Doctor and Amelia Pond'


Doctor Who:

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Wicked (Musical)

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Written for Case Story Big Bang 2012

Fandom: Doctor Who (11th Doctor)
Rating: 14+

Characters: 11th Doctor, Amy Pond. AU versions of Restac, Alaya, and Malohkeh from 'The Hungry Earth' and 'Cold Blood', some Silurian OCs.

Warnings/Spoilers: angst, emotional trauma for main characters, alternate universe / references an episode of Torchwood but no spoilers for TW or DW.

Summary: This is an AU story/series beginning just after the Doctor receives a phone call from Winston Churchill at the end of 'The Beast Below'.
The Doctor and Amy Pond set off to aid the war effort only to find that the TARDIS is not where it should be. Tthey set off to explore the alien planet they’ve landed on. They find themselves captured by the inhabitants of the planet, a species known to the Doctor as the Silurians. The Doctor chooses not to mention his previous encounters with the species, assuming this to be a planet colonised by the Silurians in the far future (relative to Amy’s timeline that is). As peaceful discourse continues the Doctor discovers that they are exactly where they were supposed to be and it is the human race that is missing.

Link to Art Master Post: http://helishdreams.dreamwidth.org/3137.html

Terra Incognita - Chapter 1/5


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Chapter 2

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The Curious Case of the Doctor and Amelia Pond - Chapter 1/8 (part 1/2)
Fandoms: Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes 2009 (Robert Downey Jr version) with hints of Sherlock Holmes bookverse.
Rating: 14+
Word Count: 38,774 (in 10 parts)

Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson. In minor roles various characters from both universes and a few OCs.
Pairings: Doctor John Smith/Amelia Pond, John and Mary Watson.

Warnings/Spoilers: alternate universe, suspense, mild violence, off-screen death of minor character (as per summary). No spoilers for new episodes but a few quotes from, and references to, the series.

Summary: Even for the eccentric Doctor John Smith, and his ward Amelia Pond, stumbling across a dead body in the sitting room is a bit out of the ordinary. When the London police arrest Doctor Smith for a murder he didn't commit, Amelia turns to Sherlock Holmes to help them figure out who is trying to frame him. With the aid of the world's only Consulting Detective, they set out to uncover the truth and clear Doctor Smith's name. But the roots of the crime run deeper than any of them imagined, and Holmes discovers that the unfortunate man's death is not the only mystery in the home of the Doctor and Amelia Pond.

Author’s Notes: Written for  Case Story Big Bang 2011 . Timeline notes: this takes place after the (2009) movie for Sherlock Holmes. On the Doctor Who front, this is intended to be the second story in a series of alternate universe 11th Doctor and Amy Pond adventures (no knowledge of said AU necessary to read this story). My Muses are notoriously fickle so until such a time as I am inspired to write the first story let's just say that this one takes place between 'The Beast Below' and 'Victory of the Daleks' - hence the AU tag - and leave it at that. I will edit my header if/when I write the first story :)

ETA: July 2012 - now added part 1 of the series - Terra Incognita

Links to Art Master Posts:

Amazing sound art by martinius 
Gorgeous header and poster by satavaisa  


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Chapter 1 - Part 2/2

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Tennessee sucks, making life even harder for LGBT teens ><, but this video is brilliant!

Edit:  Found it on GSA_LJ - http://gsa-lj.livejournal.com/1576200.html

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"Writers are not the world's most interesting people. I mean, if they were, they wouldn't have to make stuff up all the time." 

From the Suvudu Newsletter: http://www.suvudu.com/enewsletter/ Feb 2011.

It made me laugh ^_^ 

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Disclaimer: I don't own the musical Elisabeth
Rating: 15+
Fandom: Elisabeth (musical)
Summary: Alternate Universe. To prevent a disastrous future Fate attempts to change the course of Elisabeth's life but Death is not so easily turned aside...
Pairings: Franz/Elisabeth, Death/Elisabeth.
Author's note: No warnings etc for this chapter.
Chapter One
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Yesterday: 32 degress (Celsius, 89.6F)

Today:  20 degrees (Celsius, 68F)

Forecast for next wednesday 35 degrees (Celsius, 95F)

This is fairly typical of Spring in Perth, Western Australia ><

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"Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere."

Don't know where it's from because it was on someone's email signature.


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I just realised how a fanfic I've been working on for nearly 5 years is going to end!

I have at least ten chapters to write before I get there but up until now i've had no idea at all :) 

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as I sit here re-cataloguing a bunch of fiction books in order to move them to the non-fiction* section of the library that I begin to think that Mr Dewey had waay too much time on his hands.

*it makes sense if you work in a library, really it does lol

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